The underwriters at Orion Risk Managers Ltd. understand that some things don’t always go as planned in life. As a result, Orion Risk Managers has become an expert in providing rehabilitation homeowners coverage for the hardest to place accounts. If you’ve experienced any of the following or other situations you would to inquire about, give Orion Risk Managers Ltd. a call and we’ll help arrange for your peace of mind for your clients.

  • No Previous Insurance
  • Bad Credit Score
  • Frequent Losses
  • Lapsed or Cancelled Coverage
  • Multiple Insured or Mortgagee
  • Prior Grow Op
  • Previous Claims

Please forward a completed CSIO application, evaluator, complete with photos of the front and rear of the dwelling. Include appropriate questionnaire I required. Also include all information regarding the reason for being hard to place (i.e. claims information, reason for non payment etc)