Orion Risk Managers Ltd. offers bespoke insurance solutions for all aspects of the mining and mineral resource industries. Our insurance partners have mid to large market capacity, providing your operation with coverage ranging from equipment damage to environmental liability, no matter how broad the scope of your business. Most insurers participating in the mineral resource industry only have an appetite for Canadian business, however Orion Risk Managers partner’s have many international interests and as a result, we’re able to offer operational mining coverage on a global scale. We offer custom-tailored solutions for your business through an industry leading multi-line package policy geared to protect your operation from day to day perils as well as catastrophic events.

Success in any industry comes through the identification of and successful management of risk. Orion Risk Manager’s experienced risk management team are available to assist you in identifying critical aspects of your operational and fiduciary risk in order to minimize your exposure to potentially crippling business losses. With the environment being a hot topic in recent years, insurers have begun reducing their involvement in the mineral resource mining industry; due largely in part to their inability to effectively grasp the inherent risks involved in pollution and environmental impairment liabilities. Orion Risk Managers and its partners specialize in environmental impairment liability and can therefore assist your business in identifying key hazards, while protecting against them.

  • Contractor’s Equipment Coverage
  • Environmental Impairment Liability
  • Transportation Coverage (overland and overseas)
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Property Damage
  • Crime (Including Kidnap & Ransom)
  • Custom tailored solutions for your business. Pay only for the coverage you need!